Design style frames for the 2015 MTV European Music Awards pitch.  The client was looking for visual explorations of sound vs. motion and how it could apply as a theme for the 2015 MTV EMA live show.  The deliverables included various stage screen as well as broadcast designs.  This direction was inspired by how the dichotomy of combining two simple elements could be visually portrayed by combining organic forms with inorganic graphics.  The 3D elements were designed and rendered by by Kevin Gautraud.

Comp 8 Comp 14 (00006) Comp 15 (00006) Organic_23 (00000)_1 Maze_20 (00000) Maze_04 Maze_15 Lower Third 12 (00000)_1 Maze_17 Goop element 2_0572_0574 Goop element 2_0572_0573 Goop element 2_0572_0572